The Joint Venture Company™

Did you know that one of the most efficient and sustainable ways to build a great business is through successful Joint Ventures?

Perhaps you’re already using Joint Ventures to grow your projects, businesses and ventures.

Do you know the top 3 reasons most people don’t successful create Joint Ventures?

After more than two decades working with thousands of clients and partners, we’ve found these are the top 3 reasons:

  1. Not ready – They don’t have the systems and practices in place.
  2. Not enough time – They are busy focussing on the day to day activities.
  3. Not enough experience / credibility – They don’t know how and potential Joint Venture partners don’t believe they are credible.

This is where The Joint Venture Company™ adds massive value, in the initial stages of getting started with Joint Ventures and even more so as they get more experienced and start to explore Strategic Alliances.

We have experience and capabilities to support our clients with the whole process of considering, preparing for, identifying, creating and optimising joint ventures and strategic alliances. We are also actively engaged in looking for suitable Joint Ventures for our existing clients and partners (including )

Our focus is maximising long term value ethically  through really Win Win Wins.

We are always open to exploring new opportunities to add value.

If you’d like to learn more get in touch, or explore the first steps we recommend for all new clients, partners and opportunities – i.e. Web Audit™, Joint Venture Audit™ or Opportunity Audit™.