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Together we can do far more than we can individually.

Simon Hedley

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We know that we can always do more with help.. be it from a mentor, teacher, expert, team mate or friend. Yet, why don’t we hear about and why don’t businesses do more Joint Ventures?

The truth is that there are almost infinite combinations and opportunities and it takes something to not only see the potential for a Joint Venture, but also to execute them professionally and effectively. They are also one of the greatest “known” secrets in business. We experience and hear about them all the time. However rarely do we get to know all the ins and outs of who and what made them possible.

For decades that’s been our focus and where we specialise. So if you’re serious about  growing your venture’s reach and impact strategically get in touch and let’s explore the best next steps.

Nature loves to create synergy & symbiosis.

Fish anemones

Nature is a great teacher and inspiration. There are so many examples of collaborations and interactions we can learn from.

Some of the most amazing synergistic and symbiotic relationships in nature are true win win wins.

This potential for creativity and exploration is one of the aspects that makes joint ventures so exciting and practical as an approach with proven strategies, blueprints and templates that can be employed.

Ants Building Bridges

Are you ready to do your next Joint Venture?

Did you know that one of the most efficient and sustainable ways to build a great business is through successful Joint Ventures?

Perhaps you’re already using Joint Ventures to grow your projects, businesses and ventures.

Are you ready to do your next?

Do you know the steps to take to make sure you set yourself and your joint venture partners up for success so they want to repeat and refer more clients to you?

If you want to go far, go together.

Fly together

Joint Ventures can range from simple collaborations, to marketing alliances through full on Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances.

As they say if you want to go further, go together.

Forming real Joint Venture Partnerships that are committed to your success is an art and science and we believe builds on the foundations of Integrity, Communication and Committment.

How much better could your next year and decade ahead be, if you could form one more great Joint Venture?


Real wisdom and results comes when we Connect, Learn & Share.

Simon Hedley

Do you know the top 3 reasons most people don’t successfully create Joint Ventures?

After more than two decades working with thousands of clients and partners, we’ve found these are the top 3 reasons:

  1. Not ready – They don’t have the systems and practices in place, so when opportunities do arise they get missed or fail. Can you see how putting these in place ahead of time is vital?
  2. Not enough focus or time – They are busy fire fighting and dealing with tactical problems, so don’t invest the time to build relationships and foundations for successful joint ventures. Further if you don’t focus on creating them they are unlikely to happen. Can you see the benefit of investing time and focus regular into Joint Ventures is important?
  3. Not enough experience / belief / credibility – A lack of experience can often create fear and nervousness, blindspots or simply mis-steps. You need to build real credibility and have a belief based on competence to execute successful Joint Ventures. Can you see how you can build momentum with Joint Ventures once you get started the right way?

Do you know the top 3 benefits most people get from building successful Joint Ventures?

After more than two decades working with thousands of clients and partners, we’ve found these are the top 3 benefits:

  1. New Markets, Leads & Clients – Joint Ventures can result in you accessing new markets, and if referred by a trusted advisor to new leads which in turn can result in new clients directly and indirectly with much higher conversions. Can you see how this can result in strategic business growth? 
  2. New Profit Centres – Joint Ventures can open up new profit centres, new ways to monetise existing assets and resources and often at low or no up-front investment. Can you see imagine if you could get this kind of leverage to your business and resources?
  3. Access to Information, Opportunities and More – Joint Ventures can provide access to so much that make all the difference to the impact, influence and likely long term success of a venture. What is common sense in one industry can be magically transformative in another. Becoming known for the right reasons and letting dots connect over time that you could never have imagined being even possible. Can you imagine what might be possible with more access?

No one needs to go it alone. Now more than ever we can connect and collaborate globally.

Simon Hedley

Our focus as The Joint Venture Company™ is and has been always Joint Ventures. We are passionate about making the difference and in the process creating and adding massive value.

We work with clients who are in the initial stages of getting started with Joint Ventures, as well as those who are more experienced and committed to ongoing Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances.

Over decades we have built up our global network of potential joint venture partners, creators, connectors, introducers, influencers and more. They encompass different industries and geographies. This diversity and depth of relationships is one of our unique Relationship Capital assets.