Who we are

Simon Hedley FCA

Simon Hedley FCA | Strategic Alchemist™

Simon Hedley is the key trustee and managing global partner  of The Joint Venture Company™ and has been instrumental in shaping its direction, values and vision for more than two decades.

He holds many roles and mandates and is specifically the Managing Director of Psi Pi Group™ and The Simple Idea Ltd™

Simon is a savant and a genius that has been recognised for mastery and success on the global stage and in business across fields that include banking, martial arts, health and well being, training, education, entertainment, mentorship, entrepreneurialism, philanthropy and relational capital.

He is a master creator and connector, inventor, father, structurer and a master of the art of Shibumi.

His professional career includes qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with the ICAEW through working with KPMG (primarily in the Information Communication and Entertainment practice) and PWC (primarily in the Banking Capital Markets practice). It also includes working with Morgan Stanley, RBS and ABN Amro to help grow and optimise the Credit Derivative, Index, Custom Index, Exchange Traded Funds, Structured Funds, Shariah and Online Trading Businesses.

You can learn more about Simon Hedley at www.SimonHedley.com

The Joint Venture Company™’s Philosophy

Primarily The Joint Venture Company™  unites a full spectrum of world-class professionals who work with clients to plan, orchestrate, manage, refine and leverage Joint Ventures.

We are proud of the diverse and rich backgrounds of our consultants. Meet a few members of our dedicated team. We also have friends, partners, associates, brokers and clients that span every country and industry.

We deeply respect, value and protect the confidentiality and sovereignty of our friends, clients, partners and associates.

The Joint Venture Company™ was created out of the frustration of clients who were constantly asking for help in making the right connections, with the right people, in the right way in order to effect business, help more people and make a real difference in the world.

Key Values & Commitments

  • To make the difference and produce tangible results for clients bottom lines.
  • To act intelligently strategically and tactically based on the information provided.
  • To plan for optimal outcomes